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» Related Links: Diva Nation Forum Diva Nation is a community that supports the women and men of all wrestling organisations around the world. Building a nation of fans, we want to thrive on and continue to support those that live to entertain us in the ring. Be sure to sign up and feel free to browse around the forum, there are tons of exclusives just waiting for you to download!

» Related Links: Icons | Media Vault A huge thanks goes out to @DeluxeVision for kindly donating 41 new Icons to us from Kelly Kelly’s “Chad Martel” Photo session, they look amazing so be sure to check them out!

Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs Kelly Kelly and Eve, with Brie Bella as special referee. Kelly wasn’t advertised on the website of WWE, only Eve and Beth were, but when Justin Roberts announced that the Divas match was a tag match, then I realized that I was going to see Kelly in action, by the way, I have seen Kelly 3 times before, but tonight, saw her with straight hair (never saw her live with it) and looked AWESOME. Kelly Read more…

Natalya and Beth Phoenix vs. Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly – The Divas of Doom were quick to gain control of the match. Eve was taking the brunt of the assault. After a hot tag, Kelly took control by eliminating Beth and hitting the DDT on Natalya and getting the pin. Kelly Kelly was also one of many to get a huge pop during the show.

Thanks to @NinjaxMinaj for the heads up!

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